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About Us

Who We Are

The history begins with Nicholaos L. Vasiloudis who had traditional Bistro-cafe and next was making pickles for the needs of the cafe .

In 1960 Nicholas started making pickles in the basement, perhaps because of left over vegetables from the large garden which supplied the grocery store. Working people almost all neighborhood from morning at 8:00 till the afternoon, with a short break, washed vegetables, cut, the threw the tanks - kilns, placed them in saltiness and packed in small plastic boxes. In the yard there were concrete tanks, where they put the products carrots, cabbages, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, since they had boiled them. Firstly Nikos was making a few quantities for shops in N. Ionia and some of Volos. Later the small business was grown to a small industry.

Ioannis Vasiloudis son of Nicholas, when he finished thw high school he entered the work of his father. Early 1970s decided with his father to sell the bistro and transport the small industry of pickles to large plot where the company is today. Based on his father in law, Michael Kalikou, Company who was making salted fishand pickles he started new company of salted fish and pickles.

At first Ioannis started with 10-15 employees and the work was seasonal. Later the company equipped with modern machines worked all year and increased its workforce. In a large, modern and very clean factory was fish processing space, pickles processing space packaging space, warehouses, fish curing area and ultramodern oven. With this products he supplied shops and supermarkets in Greece and abroad.

Ioannis Vasiloudis son of Nicholas married and had three children Catherine, Nicholas and Michael.

Nicholas and Michael in 1998 entered the work of their father.

Today Nicholas with Michael, along with their father Ioannis, who still excessive love for his "creation" give advises to his children, who inherited his father's love for the business. From dawn they are at work with approximately 40 employees, they have to supply the market with pickles and salted fish, with the same quality and taste of that first small family business.


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